The Artist: Lateral Office and CS Design | Production: Quartier des Spectacles Partnership | Montreal, Canada
Zahal Square Impulse is an interactive work comprising seesaws of various sizes, with lighting and sound. To activate them, one person si...

Exercise produces energy

The Artist: Maccabi Health Services Site
Zahal Square Health is an art. Running an artistic exhibit, "The Human Generator", in front of the walls of the Old City, by pe...

Summer Time

The Artist: Lighting Warehouse | Israel
AmphiTheater Zahal Square SLIDE, The Italian brand, is unique in the manufacture of amorphous light fixtures that use rigid plastic mater...

Video Wall

The Artist: AVS | Israel
Korov Trail 50 Years of Reunification of Jerusalem light and sound show.


The Artist: Yael Schiffman | Israel
Jaffa Gate Plaza Three big highly artistically crafted and illuminated picture frames are inviting you to step in and take pictures. Be p...

Dundu - The Gentle Giant of Light

The Artist: Tobias Huseman, Fabian Seewald and Stefan Charisius | Germany
Jaffa Gate Plaza Dundu (abbreviation for German “you and you”) is a giant illuminated puppet coming to life by 5 puppeteers i...

Drawn in Light

The Artist: Ralf Westerhof | The Netherlands
Tower of David's Rampart A huge 13m mobile kinetic art installation made from thin metal wires hovering and rotating above the visito...

Children painting Project

The Artist: Children in hospitals in jerusalem | Israel
Gan HaBonim A This project invites children that are currently sick in Jerusalem’s hospitals to take part in the festival neverthel...


The Artist: Amanda Parer | Australia
Gan HaBonim A 6 giant bunnies invite kids like Alice in Wonderland to follow them through the festival. Big, glowing, soft and cuddly - t...

The Pool

The Artist: Jen Lewin | United States
Gan HaBonim B The Pool is an environment of giant, concentric circles created from interactive, pressure sensitive light pads, a world wh...

The sky is the limit

The Artist: Ocubo | Portugal
Gan HaBonim C This light painting is an interactive multimedia installation through which the audiences are invited to paint the facade o...

Cathedral of Mirrors

The Artist: Mads Christensen| Denmark, commissioned by Quays Culture | UK
End of Gan HaBonim This very powerful installation is a three-dimensional field of light that invites the audience to come in and walk th...

Bezalel Light

The Artist: Design Studio | Israel
Dormition Alley This outdoor gallery presents twenty four students showcase their latest light design works, developed especially for the...

Light from Zion

The Artist: E. Zaguri Light parts Ltd | Israel
Dormition Abbey Producer: Stav Zaguri Light designer: Nissan Galbard Technological consulting: Uzi Avisar   This installat...

Upside Down

The Artist: Eli Kaplan-Wildmann | Israel
Dormition Alley This fun installation plays with our perception of our environment and questions what we take for granted. It is composed...

The Uprooted

The Artist: Maro Avrabou and Dimitri Xenakis | France, Greece
Garden before Zion's Gate Luminous flowers placed in hovering pots have their lightened roots exposed; as if they want to adapt to ou...


The Artist: Tim Scofield studios - Tim Scofield, Kyle Miller, Steve Dalnekoff, Will Cocks | USA
Gan HaTakuma Charlie is a giant majestic animatronic peacock that hydraulically opens and closes his plume, showing off with more than 14...

Spinning Tops

The Artist: Amir Zobel | Israel
Open Cardo Five giant “Svivonim", created from animated LED lights are hovering and dancing above the open cardo, as if they m...

Dream Machine

The Artist: Liron Gavish, Shootzi, Tal Heuberger and Ido Ramon | Israel
Batei Mahaseh Square "Dreams are not the ones that awaken you when you sleep but those who do not let you sleep until you wake up an...


The Artist: Studio Leonardo | Israel
Haye Olam street A series of 7 ephemeral colorful glowing butterflies await the visitors as they pass through the festival. Like a mirage...

Exposure Selfie Light - Paint Station

The Artist: Lucion Media | Canada
Hurva Square This interactive light installation which allows the visitor to paint light live on 3 giant spheres. Take out your flashligh...


The Artist: Visualsupport | Poland
Hurva Square This super impressive projection is not a standard video mapping, it tells a unique story where light is light is the narrat...

Moon Haze

The Artist: Feng Jiacheng and Huang Yuanbei | PR China
Tiferet Israel street Ever wanted to take a selfie with you on the moon? Now you can do that in front of the super large 10m big glowing ...


The Artist: Murat and Dilek Atimtay |Turkey & Groove from the Mediterranean Sea by Lakoum | Israel
entrance of the Muristan This special collaboration between artists from two different countries creates a vibrant and powerful live expe...


The Artist: JLF | Israel
Muristan Square See the Muristan Square transformed into an urban Oasis, full of real plants, water plays, colorful light and gentle soun...

Animals of Light

The Artist: Mystorin Theatre Group | Israel
Greek Patriarchate Street Several Giant magical creatures and mythological animals of light created by the famous Israeli puppeteer group...

Play of Light

The Artist: Kirkasum duo: Shiri Breuer, Dan Grodzinski | Israel
Casa Nova   Two amazing clowns are inviting you to their ever surprising, entertaining and interactive magical light show spiced up...


The Artist: Itzik Iluz | Israel
HaAchim Pereire street A this flock of 100 beautifully crafted birds controlled by smart leds flies together above your head, gently pick...

Journey into space

The Artist: Moshe Kimchi | Israel
Junction New Gate Road / Ha Achim Pereire Street This installation is reminiscent of science fiction movies featuring spaceships with fan...

Aquarium Cars

The Artist: Stephane Masson | France
New Gate Answering to an urge to inject a bit of craziness and magic in our everyday lives, this video artist poetically transforms an ol...


The Artist: by Praxis - Bezalel Academy, Industrial Design Graduates Group (Alexander Geht and Hila Mor) | Israel
New Gate 3 mushroom like light structures entwining columns and light poles distribute spores or pollen of lights onto the audience. Such...


The Artist: Ido Scherf and Shai Shtarker | Israel
New Gate This installation plays with the perception of the visitors: a colorful cloud of illuminated light bulbs appear random and chaot...


The Artist: GNI Projects (UK) commissioned by Quays Culture | UK
HaTsanchanim Road   This installation encourages visitors to make a connection of love or friendship. By joining hands in front of ...

Fragments of Reality

The Artist: Alessandro Lupi | Italy
HaTsanchanim Road This sustainable installation which works day and night without electric energy. In shape of a light beam, it is compos...

The Tribe

The Artist: by Lital Natanzon | Israel
Performances: 20:30 and 21:50 Open Auditorium HaTsanchanim Road This intriguing fire and dance show tells the story of a historical tr...

Iris Light Carpet

The Artist: Pronorm/Pani | The Netherlands and Austria
HaTsanchanim Road This 70m long light carpet is a wonderful installation that plays with your senses. Step on it, see how the colors and ...

Horizontal Interference

The Artist: Katarzyna Malejka and Joachim Sługocki | Poland
Palm Trees - HaTzanchanim Road A 100m long colorful and poetic ribbon meanders around the palm trees. Made of endless amount of wires, th...

The 7th Gate

The Artist: Maxin10sity | Hungary
Damascus Gate This powerful light projection transforms the Damascus Gate into several other gates, inspired by iconic gates of different...

Interactive Shadows

The Artist: Guy Romem | Israel + Light Piano by Music Academy Jerusalem
Zedekiah Cave This interactive installation records the movement of the audience, translates it into shadow and light in real time and pr...