Those involved

The festival is organized by the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage and the Municipality of Jerusalem, and is managed and produced by the Ariel Municipal Company.
The Jerusalem Development Authority – CEO:  Eyal Haimovsky  |  Old City Department Director:  Aner Ozeri  |  Content  and culture advisor:  Meital Goren

Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage:  Deputy CEO and Director of the Jerusalem Division, Planning and Budgeting:  Sarit Goldstein  |  Senior Director of Jerusalem Department:  Natalie Rose

Ariel Municipal Company: CEO Zion Turgeman | VP Marketing:  Motti Gamish | Event Manager:  Ravit Yizhaky

Steering Committee - Chairman - Aner Ozeri |  Members:  Zion Turgeman, Ravit Yizhaky, Natalie Rose, Ilanit Melchior, Eyal Ezri, Meital Goren, Ron Cohen

Artistic Committee:  Meirav Eitan, Gaston Zahr, Gidi Lis, Natalie Rose, Rene Sivan, Dafna Efron, David Ansbacher, Meital Goren |

Artistic Direction – Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr |

Artistic Consulting:  Jean-François Zurawick |

Artistic Production - Ron Cohen |

Production Team –  Liraz Nakdai |

Festival Team - Shani Fogel, Eleanor Katz |

Advertising - Sharon Shalev-Dahan |

Technical Production  - Gidi Lis Sound Systems |

Tourism Consulting and Marketing - Ilanit Melchior, Dikla Nehorai, Yamit Simchovich |

Branding and Graphic Design - Ran Levi |

P.R. - Filizer Communications |

Website – Simply Smart |

Photographer:  Ohad Gigi |

Risk and Safety Management: Lavetach Ltd. |

Security Officer - Alon Afgin

Electricity Consulting and Inspection: Ya'acov Netanel  |

International Shipping: Globus & Infinity Pack & Ship Jerusalem